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If you’re anything like me then you’ve been spending quite a long time wondering how to clean an engagement ring.

Surely you need specialised machines and equipment to remove the diamond and give it a good shine? You’ll need to bring to a jeweller and it’ll cost a bomb?

Or…. you decide it’s a good idea to try to clean your ring in running water with a toothbrush, letting it slip out of your hand and getting it wedged in the drain, all the time hyperventilating and shrieking like a banshee? (True story. Happened to me. All turned out ok.)

Anyhoo… as it turns out, it’s actually pretty easy to clean and maintain your diamond ring at home. The kind folks over at Fraser Hart Jewellers sent me on some home jewellery cleaners to try out and, even more, usefully have passed on their advice for keeping your engagement ring in tip top shape. Read on to learn more!

cleaning bride's engagement ring

There’s a ‘before’ photo of my engagement ring.

Firstly, I need to apologise for the state of my nails. Those were my wedding nails and I had an appointment the following day to have the shellac removed. At that point, half of it had peeled off. Let’s just pretend my nails aren’t gross, ok?!

Secondly, I wasn’t able to get great up-close photos of the diamond (I took these photos on my iPhone 6 camera, which great as it is, doesn’t have the lens required to magnify that much!). So you’ll have to take my word somewhat on the general condition of it and the results of the cleaning.  

My ring is a cushion cut diamond and is quite high quality in terms of cut and clarity. However, it shows up a ton of the dirt and grime that accumulates under the setting. It’s my own fault – I don’t take my ring off for anything, including showering and moisturising. That definitely means it gets dirty, but I’d rather a grubby diamond than a lost one, which is what would happen if I took it off (I’ve lost every ring I’ve ever owned in my life!).

So, before I got going on cleaning, the ring was quite dull and had some soap and other residue under the setting which made the clarity look quite poor.

The jewellery cleaner range that Fraser Hart sent on is the Connoisseurs collection:

The cleaning set I was sent includes:

1. The Diamond Dazzle Stik – this gel contains micro-fine polishing agents for easy cleaning of your diamond.

2. Jewellery Polishing Cloth – for polishing gold and platinum, the cloths contain contain an anti-tarnish shield to help your ring keep its shine.

3. Precious Jewellery Cleaner – this is a polymer based cleaner which helps to reduce the appearance of tiny scratches in diamond settings.

For best results you’ll also need some warm water and a soft bristle brush (a baby toothbrush is perfect for this!).

I used the first two to clean my ring and they worked so well that I didn’t need to use the jewellery cleaner! I’m going to wait for my ring to get all mucky again and then give that one a go – I’ll update this post at that point!


This is so easy to use – just brush on the blue gel and then rinse it off in warm water. It reminds me a bit of toothpaste in that it has a grittiness, but this really helps to remove any soap scum or trapped debris in the setting.

Not a fab photo, but I can confirm that the diamond came up a lot cleaner with a really lovely shine.


You use the white side to remove tarnish and then buff to a shine using the purple side. This worked a treat on the band of my engagement ring, as well as my new wedding ring.

Final after photo…

I’ve managed to capture how shiny the bands of the rings are and the diamond definitely looks cleaner and brighter. In fact, I almost tripped over a few times on my commute the next day by capturing the bling in the light. Now tell me that’s never happened to you!

The folks over at Fraser Hart also sent through some pretty common sense tips for looking after your jewellery:

  1. Store all jewellery separately to avoid scratching. 
  2. Remove all jewellery before showering to avoid tarnishing. Apply creams, perfumes and other products before putting on your jewellery. These products can cause tarnishing.
  3. Be careful with chlorine and gold jewellery. Chlorine can permanently damage or discolour jewellery.
  4. To remove tarnish, use jewellery cleaner or soap and water mixed with a few drops of ammonia. Carefully brush with a soft bristle brush such as a toothbrush.
  5. Although your diamond is the hardest substance known to man, it can still be chipped by a hard blow – don’t wear it during rough work.
  6. To clean your diamond, use jewellery cleaner (such as Dazzle Stik) or submerge your diamond in warm soapy water (a mild liquid detergent) and brush away dirt with a toothbrush. Rinse with warm running water.

How many of those tips do you follow then? I’m going to try to look after my rings a bit better from now on, but at least I now know how I can clean them regularly at home.

Hopefully this post has been useful in showing you how to clean an engagement ring. Just don’t drop it down a drain – always rinse it in a container, not in running water over the plughole. Learn from me on that one people!

How do you keep your engagement ring looking shiny? Do spill!

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